India china clash in tawang
India china clash in tawang (Representation Image | Image Credit : ANI)

Once again India china clash in tawang. On December 9, the Chinese Army Once Again Tried to enter Tawang in Arunachal. After Doklam and Ladakh, now China tried to infiltrate Tawang. During the patrol, the armies of both the countries came face to face. Indian soldiers were already well equipped. Taught the Chinese soldiers a fair lesson.

Indian soldiers retaliated by chasing 300 Chinese soldiers. The Chinese soldiers were forced to flee in a vertical tail. In short, the Chinese were forced to retreat. The Indian troops aggressively chased the Chinese troops out of the border.

India china clash in tawang
India china clash in tawang (Representation Image | Image Credit : ANI)

However, six Indian soldiers sustained minor injuries in the encounter. But it is the turn of the Chinese soldiers to take more beatings.

On the other hand, due to this incident, Indian politics has also heated up. Opposition parties have started efforts to surround the government on this issue. However, the central government has made it clear that India will not take a single step back.

After China’s defiance once again, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in the Lok Sabha that the Indian Army has responded with gusto to China’s defiance. Not a single such step of China will be carried out.

Last September, Eastern Army Commander Lt. Gen. Kalita said that the army’s Eastern Command is ready to face every action of the PLA. A Pentagon report on Arunachal last year also gave a warning.

After this report, instructions were given to the Eastern Command of the Indian Army to be ready. Thus, the Indian troops were armed and the intruding Chinese troops were given a jaw-dropping reply.

China’s military has its eyes on the LAC, but China’s dubious plans for Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang district are repeatedly coming to the fore.

During the 1962 war, China infiltrated its largest contingent of troops into Assam via Tawang in northeastern India. Tawang was under Chinese occupation for some time.

In October 2021, a group of 200 Chinese troops entered an Indian village near the Indo-China-Bhutan border in Tawang, which was later repelled by Indian troops.

Thus, this time also the Chinese soldiers have to give up against the Indian soldiers. India will also raise this issue at the international level when China is facing a lot of trouble.


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